Polling Center Comparisons 2009-2010

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After a review conducted by Afghan and international security forces, the Afghan Independent Election Commission issued a final list of 5,897 Polling Centers on August 18, 2010. This was less than the 6,835 centers developed in its preliminary list for 2010, which has not been made public.

Update: On September 7, 2010, the IEC announced the closure of an additional 81 Polling Centers in Nangahar province due to security concerns. This change is now reflected in the map and chart attached below.

Attached below is a chart comparing the 2010 planned openings with planned Polling Center openings for the 2009 Presidential and Provincial Council Elections (6,524 in total), the number of Polling Centers the IEC says opened on Election Day 2009 (6,293 in total), and the number of Polling Centers included in the 2009 Final Results after the Electoral Complaints Commission threw out some centers for accusations of fraud or "ghost" Polling Centers (5,438 total).

The map below specifically compares the 2009 Polling Centers the IEC says opened and the 2010 Polling Centers it plans to open. For further analysis by Democracy International of the 2010 Polling Center planned openings, see the posts Polling Center Analysis and Polling Centers: To Close or Not to Close.


(Graphic Credit: InteractiveThings)